EasyBlog 5.2 progress update 2

The EasyBlog 5.2 update isn't released yet, but it will be packed with changes. We want to make sure that you have the opportunity to check out what will be changing, what is new, and get prepared for the changes.

In the last progress update from EasyBlog, we learned about some exciting new features like cover photo captions, improve interface for block selection, and overall optimization of the software that will improve the speed of your blog pages. This update is just as exciting!

New features

​The update from EasyBlog talks about several new features, and there are a few we can't wait to try out for ourselves.


​We are particularly curious about this new feature. We are looking forward to playing with favorites to see how it works. It looks like there will be a heart icon as a visual indicator of posts that have been favorited. Other than that and a brief description, we will have to wait until 5.2 is released for more information. The EasyBlog team gave us a short description:

EasyBlog 5.2 introduces favorite post where users can mark their favorite articles or blogs on the site. Other than it behaving pretty similar to bookmarks, the favorite listing is also easily accessible from user dashboard.

Sylvie at EasyBlog

Reading time indicator

​Are you the type of person that wants to know if this page will take five, ten, or twenty minutes to read? This feature has been popping up on websites for awhile now, and now a new EasyBlog optional feature will allow you to add the estimated reading time to a post. Take advantage of this great feature if you have readers that are time conscious. 

Reading progress bar

​The update will include an optional reading progress bar feature that will appear at the top of the page. Your blog post becomes interactive, adding an element of fun for the reader.

Auto-posting Scheduler for social media

EasyBlog 5.2 has this nifty ability to auto-post directly your social media platforms. In addition to this existing features, authors and bloggers can now determine the time of auto postings for their blog posts.

Sylvie at EasyBlog

Multilingual Tags Support

Multilingual sites will be relieved that we finally have the ability to add specified language tags during tag creation. Tags will display in the language selected.

Other EasyBlog 5.2 changes to look for

  • ​Unicode SEF URL Support
  • Unified toolbar
  • Improved comments functionality
  • Improved search functionality
  • Google Analytics Tracking to AMP Posts
  • Improved mobile interface and functionality, particularly when drafting posts
You can learn more by visiting the StackIdeas website, and reading the EasyBlog 5.2 progress update 2.