The Recycled Arts Festival is a celebration of art created with 75% recycled and reused materials. In the spirit of the festival, we reused some of the copy from the original website, but everything else for our favorite weekend event here in Clark County is new.

New and improved.

The new website to promote this popular festival has a whole new design, but it isn't just for looks. Each year over 100 artists, food vendors, and nonprofit organizations submit online applications to be part of the festival. First, we built the new website to handle the applications. Then we worked with Clark College students who tested the process and gave us wonderful feedback that helped us know how to create a better experience for artists submitting applications. With their help, we improved the the application process for the applicants. Inspired by their feedback, we also dove into improving the experience for festival staff through a series of testing. We found better solutions to problems our testers found.

Our design

  • Celebrates the fun and quirky nature of the festival
  • Highlights the work of festival artists from previous years on every page
  • Uses large, colorful images
  • Works on every device and browser we could find to test it on!

New features

  1. The old website was built in Dreamweaver. We built the new website with Joomla! CMS so festival coordinators can easily update pages themselves. 
  2. We have added a blog where festival coordinators can add exciting new information, festival updates, and Artist Spotlights. 
  3. The new application process is greatly improved. 
  4. Procession of the Species begins with workshops leading up to the event. Event coordinators can add workshop events with all of the details, limited space and reservation features.

Explore the site

​Discover the many design details added to the site to give it the same fun and fabulous feeling of the Recycled Arts Festival.

See how we are using the new blog on the website to promote the Sculpture Garden, festival artists and their work. 

​We love the Recycled Arts Festival, and we hope you will too!