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​We love working with Green Neighbors. Our team has been working with Green Neighbors since the program began, and are active partners in keeping the website content and software updated. The website holds hundreds of pages of information for Clark County residents and beyond.

We solve problems

The Green Neighbors website is complex and needs solutions that help the staff running the program as well as their many website visitors. We helped identify and clarify issues, and created solutions.


Any time there are hundreds of pages of information, there needs to be organization of those pages that makes sense to the people providing the information and the people looking for the information.​ 

We worked with the Green Neighbors team to organize pages into main areas of information, and provided multiple paths for visitors to follow to find information they are looking for on the website. Our mega-menu also provides a space to promote important information Green Neighbors does not want people to miss.

Document management

Hundreds of documents are available for download on the Green Neighbors website. Occasionally those documents need to be updated to a newer version. It would be difficult to keep track of all of the pages with a link to a particular document to go back and update the link any time the document changes to a new version. We added a document management system to the website, and trained staff how to take advantage of many features.

Now updating a document is as simple as dragging and dropping a file to replace the old one without breaking links. 

The document management system has additional features that help staff keep documents organized through categories and subcategories, control access to view and download documents, track the number of downloads for any document, and more.

Special information

Not all information is open to everyone on every website.

Special content is only available to members logged into the Master Composter / Recycler program area of the Green Neighbors' website. We created an area that is only open to members of the program that are certified or working towards certification. We built this section with the needs of the program in mind. Our team provided an easy way for program members to sign up for workshops and other events, as well as check their program hours. The information, events, and videos in this section are updated often by program coordinators and staff. New members can be added by program coordinators or by our team as needed. 

Film library

Some time after the website was launched, Green Neighbors coordinators wanted to add an exciting new resource to the people of Clark County. ​They had a library of environmentally conscious films, and no way to share that with people through the website. Our team found software that would work for their needs, customized the use to meet their specific needs, and designed it to match the website's overall design.

The Library of environmentally friendly videos can be checked out through the website.

We dream up ideas

  • Customized design with extensive use of photography
  • The interactive house makes learning how to conserve energy and live sustainably fun
  • Quizzes challenge website visitors to test their knowledge

We build for the future

  • Fast load times
  • After minimal training, Green Neighbors adds new events to their event calendar
  • Green Neighbors shares timely information with the public through the Green Blog
  • The monthly Green Neighbors newsletter is easy to send using a template we designed to bring in content from the Green Blog.