Increase web traffic in just two hours per month

We know that there are only so many hours in the day, and yours are already full running your small business. You could be working harder than you need to if you are not leveraging your website to generate business.

We are past the days where just having a website online is enough. You need to cultivate a web presence to build relationships with current and potential customers. Building your online presence will:

  • Help people find you
  • Establish you and your company as reliable experts

What if you could improve your web presence with just two hours of effort a month?

Give us five minutes to tell you how.

Start building your reputation on your own website.

Add something new at least once a month. It can be as easy as a new blog post or page. New content on your website builds confidence in your brand by letting your website visitors know that your business is active, but it can be more than that. Writing new content once a month will help you build a connection on a personal level with existing and potential customers because you are taking the time to share what is happening in your business and what you know. Search engines rank websites higher when the content is kept fresh. By adding new content about a topic you are already an expert in — your business — you are improving your web presence with people and search engines at the same time.

Do not overthink it. Your blog post can be as simple as an announcement about an upcoming event or two paragraphs that answer a typical customer question.

People can't buy your products and services online if they can't find your website.

Most people will find your website — or your competitor's website — by searching. Do your website customers find you when they search the internet for products and services you provide? 

Take advantage of basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website if you have not done that yet. With a bit of effort, you can improve your ranking. Most sites have some technical issues that need to be cleaned up to improve SEO, and we can help you with that. 

You can make a difference. Increase your chances of being found online through a web search by:

We can help you get started.

SEO never ends. It is an ongoing process. If you already covered the basics of SEO, continue to work to improve your ranking.  

Get the word out: Be social.

If you're not making the most of social media, give it a try. It is quick and inexpensive marketing that can have a big impact on your reputation. Social media provides a platform for people to connect, share ideas, and give advice to each other. Build your online reputation by being present and part of the global conversation. It is okay if you only share a quick photo or note once a week.

Watch for opportunities to share with people. It can be as simple as a photo and a sentence. Your share doesn't have to be complicated. If you own a bakery, post a photo of the cupcake of the week. If you have an upcoming event, share it. When you're at the event, share a photo and where you are.

Share your social media post through all of your social media accounts if you have more than one (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) People tend to have a favorite and only follow you on one of your social media accounts. 

Where to spend your time


Commit one hour per month to adding something new to your website. If you find it difficult to get a full hour, break it down into smaller pieces:

​Headline: 15 minutes ​Decide on a headline for your blog post. Write a few, and choose the one that is the best fit.
​Plan: 10 minutes  Create an outline or list of ideas you want to share. Don't overthink it.
Write: 20 minutes​​Give your ideas life by transforming them into sentences.
​Edit: 10 minutes​Proof read and edit.
​Photo: 5 minutes​Add a photo if you want one.


Work on improving SEO for thirty minutes each month. It can be as simple as adding a title tag and meta description for your new blog. If you have a few extra minutes, check your site analytics. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to create good backlink partners.


Spend five to ten minutes per week adding something to social media. The week you publish your blog post, share it to your social media accounts for a quick social media update.  Other weeks you can  share a product photo or what's new.

Want help getting started?

We can help you get started. Our team can help you with everything from creating a plan for you to follow to managing new content, SEO and social media for you. Get in touch with us any time.